Every year, no matter how cheesy it is, I stop and reflect on the year past, and build my new year’s resolutions. I find that despite the cliche of writing lists and hoping for self improvement, it’s the best time to do such reflection. Why? I am a firm believer in the power of the collective conscious. When the new year rolls around, millions of people, all across the globe, pause to consider the past, and re-poise for the future. I want to be a part of that collective wave of energy. Tap into it, be inspired by it, and hopefully contribute to it.

I share a lot of gratitude for the many people who help me carry on this tradition, and change it along the way. A special H/T to: Tripp Williams, Jack Spencer, Jodie Lyons. Thank you.

And now, for the public reflection. If you want to see a past year, here’s 2016-17 resolutions.

I always start with reflection and going over the past year’s work. I had resolved to:
Smile with teeth: yes. And more so toward the end of the year.
Prioritize diet: be gluten and dairy free a majority of the time. Decrease soy, corn, rice.: did an amazing job at this the first 3/4 of the year, and then was derailed by a medical condition in October. Really like reduced gluten. Continued to deepen the learning that I love green smoothies in the morning.
Get a therapist. Stick with the therapist. Major miss. What is it in me that can’t figure this one out? Well some environmental things are certainly at play. I moved to a new country. I don’t have health insurance. I have had too many bad therapists in the past.
Live in the same place for the entire year (dependent on Canadian residency): YEAH CANADA!
Buy a van: CHECK!
Study Spanish: No. Feel bad about this one.
Start a business: Yes, but an off-the-record business. Need to make this one more to code.
Climb 1x per week at a local crag: hmm, probably not every week, but maybe as an average across the year. I’ll call it a mostly YES.
Figure out one unique/creative way to “side hustle”: OH YEAH.
Dedicate 15% of time to non-personal community: I forget what I meant about “non-personal” community. Is that an oxymoron?
Visit my Dad, establish a better relationship with Davida: Yes.
Visit my Mom: Yes
Visit E. Talermo: Attempted, but our schedules didn’t pan out.
Climb 5.11+ trad confidently: Climbed some 11+ trad, not confidently. Same goal for 2018!
Learn to aid climb: Sorta. Did aid climbing, but don’t think I’ve learned it yet.
Sleep on a portaledge: CHECK!
Practice meditation, deepen community around spirit, meditation, yoga, writing.: Big miss.
Visit Boulder twice: Check!
Have people visit Squamish: YES! Jack, Dad, Davida, Benji, Tim, Scott, Brita, Ben, Jodie, Bobby, Carley, Alexa, James, Rebecca, THANK YOU YOU GUYS. KEEP COMING.
Saved $25K more dollars: No.

Also, looking at my #fitgirl log, I put in:
—281 days of climbing
—145 miles of running
—18 days of skiing
—35 days of mountain biking

Now for this year…

  • Climb 5.11+ trad confidently
  • Continue to work on community
  • Go to Whistler women bike rides
  • Get a therapist
  • Practice meditation
  • Be a better text messenger
  • Take steps to go back to school (workshops, continuing education classes, etc)
  • Write most days
  • Climb more (258+ days)
  • Be better about washing recycling before putting it in bin.
  • Keep a beginner’s mentality toward skiing, mountain biking, alpine climbing
  • Foster creative curiosity by painting water colors, reading books, reading poetry, dancing
  • Embrace femininity through self care, clothing
  • Celebrate others’ beauty
  • Finish building out the van
  • Start “5-year gratitude project”
  • Take an Auyhuasca journey
  • Floss regularly
  • #fitgirl 2018 goals:
    —285 days of climbing (5.11+ trad confidently)
    —130 miles of running (running with no knee pain)
    —25 days of skiing (get new boots, ski in two new areas)
    —35 days of mountain biking (get comfy on blacks, more women’s rides)
    —Knee therapy
    —Decreased inflammation in joints and organs