Each year, I look forward to New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, it’s a bit cliche. Yes it’s a bit overhyped. But I take the seasonal excuse to reflect on a year’s progress and set a year’s intention with lap of the sun.

Last year I wrote out 20 resolutions, from intentions, to goals, to ideas. I posted them on my bulletin board in the middle of my house where I could see them and engage with them everyday. I find that by posting any types of goals or dreams in a public area, they are more likely to come to fruition. Guests of your house, friends, lovers, see them and ask questions. And by doing so, they also hold you accountable to your actions.

A few noteworthy accomplishments from last year:

  • Live with a partner
  • Read (completed 12 books via Audible and real reading in one year!)
  • Travel outside of the country twice
  • Decide to either stick it out with Microsoft, or move out of the country
  • Smile with teeth
  • Break the Seattle freeze
  • Don’t lose creative juice
  • Find a happy fitness

A few noteworthy misses:

  • Run 1/3 of the days of the year (battled many foot injuries this year)
  • Fast on Sundays (don’t think I did this even once)
  • Climb in Index more frequently (I just keep being a wish in the wind, so hard for me to settle to local crags).
  • Buy a house
  • Finish a draft of my book (gulp, major fail)

And now for this year

  1. Smile with teeth
  2. Prioritize diet: be gluten and dairy free a majority of the time. Decrease soy, corn, rice.
  3. Get a therapist. Stick with the therapist.
  4. Live in the same place for the entire year (dependent on Canadian residency)
  5. Buy a van
  6. Study Spanish
  7. Start a business
  8. Climb 1x per week at a local crag
  9. Figure out one unique/creative way to “side hustle”
  10. Dedicate 15% of time to non-personal community
  11. Visit my Dad, establish a better relationship with Davida
  12. Visit my Mom
  13. Visit E. Talermo
  14. Climb 5.11+ trad confidently
  15. Learn to aid climb
  16. Sleep on a portaledge
  17. Practice meditation, deepen community around spirit, meditation, yoga, writing.
  18. Visit Boulder twice
  19. Have people visit Squamish
  20. Saved $25K more dollars

It’s essentially an animated series that follows the adventures of a couple of adoptive brothers, a human called finn, and his dog jake, who happens to have the ability to summon up magical powers to grow and shrink in size press here for more at will