So many people have different things they want to be when they grow up.

For me, there is only one. Un-heartbroken.

You see, I once had a heart of youth. Full blooded, full bodied.

And I, like you, fell in love.

And in this love my heart grew. My body too. My mind as well. And it all reflected you.

This love, wasn’t special. But for some reason, undetachable.

For when my heart broke, she fell in two. One was me, and one was you.

Neither separate nor together, I had to reach to ever mend her.

That reach is the thing that pains me most. It’s keeps me involved as a hollow ghost.

I’d like to stop my reaching; stop my impulse to try to let go of you.

But I lose my pulse.

My heart is in two one is me, and one is you. Both are me, but one is not.

I’ve been heart broken for 2153 days. That’s prime. A prime number.

I know because I looked it up.

And I figured it would be.

Because those sorts of things just sort of happen sometimes.