I initially worked at the Boulder Daily Camera as an intern.  I covered basic daily news. As a small reporting staff, I was required to write at least one story per day, and on several occasions wrote three or four stories per day.

Soon, I earned my way to cover the night cops beat and a small salary.  Later, they re-hired me as a freelance writer for the Business section where I wrote long pieces (well, long for a local daily paper — 30 inchers or so), about local business news.  I’d say I have 80-100 published clips with the Camera.  Here are a few examples:

Social media transforms business networking – read here

By Jean Spencer



New gym mixes fitness, climbing — read here

By Jean Spencer



Defense in cold-case murder trial says DNA link is moot  – read here

By Jean Spencer



Man dead after drinking poppy tea – read here

By Jean Spencer



Van Duzer does D.C., ends nationwide bike tour – read here

By Jean Spencer