I have the loveliest friends in Boulder, Colorado. The survey information www.paperovernight.com was gathered last fall, he said. And I think I just had the best Halloween I’ve ever had in my life. I moved to Seattle last June. Away from the first group of friends I’ve had in my life that really feel like genuine-can-share-with-you-anything, want-to-do-everything-with-you friends. It was a big decision, a risky decision, and eventually a good decision. Because as it turns out, I love my life in Seattle. I feel happier and more connected to myself that I have in years. Part of that is because I started going to a therapist. Part of that is because I have more “me” time than ever before. Part of that is because I live in my own apartment. But most of it is because I have a friend group back in Colorado that means the world to me, and I know that where ever I go around the globe or the United States, they will remain my friends. My support. My inner circle. My family. I feel so grateful for these people I sometimes think I’m going to erupt in a fireworks of tears of joy. Except I can’t. I’m filled with such an immense joy and appreciation that all I can do is smile from ear to ear and glow. I’m fucking glowing. And all my fellow Microsofties wonder why. Well, have you ever had friends like this? From all different walks of life.

  • Some with kids, some without.
  • Some in their 20s, some in their 30s, some in their 40s.
  • Some college graduates, some not.
  • Some renting a house, some buying a house, some owning a hotel.
  • Some married, some not.

But ALL willing and able to jump on a friends bed, in a giant snuggle puddle and laugh their faces off in the middle of a sunny Sunday after eating a belly full of brunch. What sheer joy.

These are the friends that drive 35 miles to make it to a brunch at 10am, when they got the memo at 9am. These are the friends that dance until 3am on Thursday┬ánight with you, grinding, and smiling the the whole time. Unconcerned with time, money, status, what other people are doing, if their outfit is just right, or how much money a round of shots costs. And then they do it on Friday night. Oh, and Saturday too. These are the friends that make family dinner, unannounced and requested, simply because they love you, and want your company. These are the friends that give you the gentle hint that a man on the dance floor is into you, and help you get closer to him so that you might have a nice make out. These are the friends that remember the day you were so hungover, years ago, that you stumbled on the streets of your town and barfed in the plants, and still hugs you. These are the friends that make a bed for you to crash in, even if you don’t. These are my Boulder friends. My people. My family. The people on this earth that make me, me. And I am so utterly happy that I have met them. Thank you, Boulderites. You know who you are. Thank you for being you, and helping to make me, me.