Modern Content Marketing: Coca-Cola’s “Content 2020 Initiative” from Forward Marketing on Vimeo.

I found this great video that Coca-Cola produced regarding their transition away from “creative excellence” and into “content excellence.” The video does an incredible job explaining (i) what content marketing is; (ii) Coca-Cola’s game plan with how to utilize content marketing; (iii) the reasons why content works as a form of marketing; and (iv) the types of stories a brand must tell and cultivate to use content marketing to it’s fullest potential.

The video is long. Too long, probably.  But it’s well worth watching the first 3 minutes to get a better grasp around what the heck this industry is about and why it’s important.

The main take aways, in case you just can’t stand watching videos, but love to read into the third paragraph of text (which is almost statistically none of you…)

  1. Content marketing will replace a huge chunk of marketing budgets in the coming years
  2. It’s important to establish dynamic stories through which engaging conversations can happen
  3. User-generated stories are WAY more plentiful than corporately-generated stories.  It’s a simple population equation.
  4. It’s not about producing just any old thing. Content must be GOOD. That means: relevant, timely, newsworthy, proximal, interesting. Bad content = fluff = a tarnished brand reputation.



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