I intermittently find myself in handstands across the world.

The rest of my day is spent upright.

I am an entrepreneur, marketing strategist & writer.



Like most Millennials I grew up with a computer in the 1990s, had Facebook before entering college, and knew how to build a webpage by the time I was 18. Later, I took a different path. In college I studied traditional journalism and psychology; began understanding powerful story telling and the psyche behind which we understand stories. This gave me a rich background to understand how peoples’ stories are best communicated.

By marrying a digital platform with a classic story telling approach — I’ve arrived in a digital brand strategy career path. I connect buyers to brands. We work to find an audience, and learn how that audience receives news and information and use those pathways to connect.

In 2013, I founded j DIGITAL, a digital marketing strategy firm in Boulder, Colorado focusing on strategic digital branding. I’ve worked on national brands like Vail Resorts, Patagonia, Microsoft and others.

In 2015, I was asked to join as their global content marketing lead for Microsoft Dynamics 365. I took the opportunity to learn how to do content marketing at scale and with a global corporation. In one year, my marketing strategy increased MoM leads by 21%, bringing in over 175,000 new leads in one year. –

In 2016, I joined Galvanize as a product marketing manager focused on data science and data engineering, looking build out my data skills and add to data modeling to my marketing chops.


1 – Business Savvy.

My business savvy is spreads small business to enterprise as evidences by successfully owning and operating two successful companies; and leading Microsoft Dynamics corporate global integrated marketing.

Agloves, a touchscreen glove company launched in 2010, saw more than $3 million in revenue in its first two years. .

2 – Classic Journalistic Approach.

I studied journalism in undergrad, earning a coveted internship with The Wall Street Journal, also working at several local daily newspapers. Journalism instills a deadline-mindest and highest integrity of work. Check out some of my WSJ front-page stories and dozens of other articles.