— Fitgirl goals of 2021 —

Climbing 190 days (no, 112 days)
Yoga 50 days (yes, 54 days)
Running 80 days, 500 miles (no, 69 days for 238 miles)
MTBing 30 days (yes, 38 days)
Skiing 25 days (no, 20 days)
Other 104 days (no, 92 days)

— New Years Resolutions —
Develop more relationships with mountain women (no, none)
Do more multi-day trips in the mountains (no, only 1x ice climbing, 1x CB)
Spend time beautifying face, teeth, posture, alignment (yes, botox, face cream regiment, posture, hair extensions)
Take classes (yes, one writer’s workshop)
Do meditation (yes, 26 times also Waking Up app)
Rebuild van (no, “Monkey Business” failed)
Finish ABC’s of Climbing (yes! on to illustrations)
Buy a home (yes-ish, got under contract = progress. Still not a home owner…2022!?)
Put myself out there (yes, JF, love, loss)
Get dog (no)
Consistency with man (Ha! No.)
Consistency with pursuits (Yes, job, writing, friends, community, hobbies, family)
Consistency with center, left over from 2020 goal to re-find center (yes, more aware of my center with each year that passes)