Archive: October 2013

27 Oct

There are places in our lives where when we stand, we feel at home.  A place of Zen that both seeds dreams and reminds humans of their fragility. The Utah desert is that place for me. A place that sings the[…]

10 Oct

There’s all this hype these days about building more content onto webpages. WooRank, a popular online software that provides SEO and keyword analytics, often recommends “more content” as one of the top five improvements for a site. But some people[…]

8 Oct

On October 06, 2013 Alexa Flower and I climbed Center Route on Cynical Pinnacle in South Platte, Colorado.  It was SPECTACULAR! So spectacular that I thought it deserved a post. Why? Well, first of all, I don’t typically climb with[…]

4 Oct

Blogging didn’t use to be a challenging thing. It used to be that anyone could publish virtually anything. But the times are changing and consumers, as well as Google, are expecting better blogging. But why? Self publishers are the new[…]