Archive: September 2013

26 Sep

I am Boulder’s premiere content marketer. I’ve worked on startups to Fortune 200 companies, developing high ROI strategies involving digital, content and social marketing strategies. I not only develop an overarching plan for social and content engagement but also write[…]

25 Sep

As we all know, the marketing world is changing. It’s a ripple effect of the general news world changing – dying in some cases – and having to re-emerge as something different. We’d like to hope this different entity is[…]

17 Sep

A practice in fiction.   Oh man! It’s time to play. It’s time it’s time it’s time it’s time!! It’s bright out. The grass is all mushy. I’ve been preparing for a week, and wait — I think — yes….she’s[…]

12 Sep

Here is the logo I’ve decided to go with. The official j DIGITAL and j DIGITAL STRATEGY logo. You are welcome to use it if you are a client of mine. Otherwise you need written permission.  Thank you. Thirty-seven percent[…]

5 Sep

Content marketing is a unique way to connect with consumers. It’s important for all brands, both those that live online and those that live elsewhere.  Because consumers are falling in love with brands, and become brand ambassadors. It’s essential that[…]

3 Sep

I’m working on developing a logo-ed headshot for publications and communications for Jean K. Spencer. I’m not a graphic designer, photographer, photo retoucher or logo designer, but I did all of those to try to make this.  Let me know[…]