I served as photo director and content creation master for Agloves,  40North (a film festival), and the American Mountain Guides Association. Primarily these are creative lifestyle and product shots.  Worked with more than a half dozen of professional photographers including:

  • Joe Coca
  • Jim Aikman
  • Forest Woodward
  • Aly Nicklas
  • Elizabeth Riley
  • Greg Mionske
  • Cameron Maier
  • And dozens of media professionals


photo-director-jeanback  photo-director-forest9   photo-director-forest6 photo-director-forest5 photo-director-forest4 photo-director-forest3 photo-director-Jennifer-CEOphoto-director-forest2 photo-director-forest1 photo-director-aglovesphoto-director-Jean-VPphoto-director-forest8



I produced, wrote and acted most of these videos.  Video production and editing is by NVRVR, a Boulder-based video house that comes highly recommended.