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Current Location: Seattle, Washington

About me

I intermittently find myself in handstands across the world.

The rest of my day is spent upright.

I am an entrepreneur, marketing strategist & writer.



Like most Millennials I grew up with a computer in the 1990s, had Facebook before entering college, and knew how to build a webpage by the time I was 18. Later, I took a different path. In college I studied traditional journalism and psychology; began understanding powerful story telling and the psyche behind which we understand stories. This gave me a rich background to understand how peoples’ stories are best communicated.

By marrying a digital platform with a classic story telling approach — I’ve arrived in a digital brand strategy career path. I connect buyers to brands. We work to find an audience, and learn how that audience receives news and information and use those pathways to connect.

In 2013, I founded j DIGITAL, a digital marketing strategy firm in Boulder, Colorado focusing on strategic digital branding. I’ve worked on national brands like Vail Resorts, Patagonia, Microsoft and others.

In 2015, I was asked to join as their global content marketing lead for Microsoft Dynamics 365. I took the opportunity to learn how to do content marketing at scale and with a global corporation. In one year, my marketing strategy increased MoM leads by 21%, bringing in over 175,000 new leads in one year. –

In 2016, I joined Galvanize as a product marketing manager focused on data science and data engineering, looking build out my data skills and add to data modeling to my marketing chops.


1 – Business Savvy.

My business savvy is spreads small business to enterprise as evidences by successfully owning and operating two successful companies; and leading Microsoft Dynamics corporate global integrated marketing.

Agloves, a touchscreen glove company launched in 2010, saw more than $3 million in revenue in its first two years. .

2 – Classic Journalistic Approach.

I studied journalism in undergrad, earning a coveted internship with The Wall Street Journal, also working at several local daily newspapers. Journalism instills a deadline-mindest and highest integrity of work. Check out some of my WSJ front-page stories and dozens of other articles.

My Career
Started as Product Marketing Manager, Data Science & Data Engineering with Galvanize

Started as Product Marketing Manager, Data Science & Data Engineering with Galvanize

Hired to lead the product marketing for the data science and data engineering education tracks.

Joined Microsoft

Joined Microsoft

Hired as global content marketing creative director for Microsoft Dynamics, shortly thereafter transitioned to working on the Cloud + Enterprise suite of products including: Power BI, Azure, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Dynamics, IoT, and Advanced Analytics.

Let content direction and strategy for the following global campaigns:

Joined Kapost (2013)

Joined Kapost (2013)

In December 2013, I accepted a content marketing position with Kapost, a leading content marketing software provider. Here I write stories and articles about the world of digital marketing, content creation, and the future of publications.

Founder, j DIGITAL, LLC

In August 2013 I founded j DIGITAL, LLC a digital marketing company that focuses on brand positioning on the web. We develop content marketing, social marketing and digital marketing strategies that increase revenue and build brand loyalty.


Jr. Strategist

I worked as a Jr. Strategist for SHIFT strategy, a small brand strategy consulting firm in Boulder, CO. Our work included strategic vision and brand positioning for national brands. April 2013 – July 2013

VP Communications

VP Communications

Co-founded an e-commerce retail company for touchscreen gloves and successfully brought the product to market.  Sold in 43 countries worldwide including bricks and mortar retail sales in three continents.  July 2010 – June 2013.

Globe Trotted

Globe Trotted

While still working for Agloves, I took a couple of solo trips.  Started in Cuba for one month, then took a climbing road trip through the American Southwest and finished in Asia: India, Nepal and China. Amazing.


Political Journalist

I was a political reporting intern with the Wall Street Journal in their Washington D.C. bureau. Jan 2010 – June 2010

Graduated College

Graduated College

I graduated college early in December 2009 with a degree in Journalism and minor in Psychology. 3.7 GPA

Business News Reporter

Business News Reporter

I was a general news and business news reporter with the Boulder Daily Camera. May 2009 – June 2011

Born 1988

Services aka what I do for you.


The world doesn’t listen in the same ways that they did 10 years ago. People find brands to love, support and be unofficial ambassadors to via mobile, tablet, online, interactive and word of mouth. Digital marketing strategy — including content marketing and social — taps into strategic communications channels to give you a powerful tool to connect with users.

Please contact me at to schedule an appointment to talk about any of these strategies.


  • Digital marketing strategy: the whole online strategy from website, to Facebook to online sales. How does our brand live/function online?
  • Social marketing strategy: Looking into which platforms we should truly engage, and how our persona maifests into each one. How does social influence our revenue?
  • Content marketing strategy: Content is king, and consumers are falling in love with brands they believe in.  Consumers are the ultimate ambassadors of our brand. Let’s connect with sharable, useful, engaging content.
  • Ecommerce development: Looking to sell product and don’t know how? We look into web development, calls to action, simplication of the shop process, different back end carts and fulfillment centers.

  • PR: Enaging credible online news sources to talk about your brand. Bolsters SEO and reputation of brand.
  • Content development and copy writing: This is the implementation of a chunck of the content marketing strategy. Ongoing new content is crucial to connecting with new users and customers.
  • Social media strategy and implementation calendars: If you have a staff of social media butterflies that will implement your strategy, this is a blueprint for social engagement on a calendar basis. It fits the overarching strategy, but allows others to implement.
  • SEO: This is a huge component of competitive web play online. SEO involves keyword research, implementation, tracking, content development and analytics.


Blog (personal thoughts & fictional sketches)

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