Content marketing is a unique way to connect with consumers. It’s important for all brands, both those that live online and those that live elsewhere.  Because consumers are falling in love with brands, and become brand ambassadors.

It’s essential that your brand connect with your audience, so that they can spread your message for you.


Content marketing uses the development of new information as a way to connect with future or existing customers. For those that already love your brand, your unique content bolsters their loyalty and love of your product. For those that don’t know you yet, they may stumble upon your product by inadvertently landing on your content. For example, you product a killer YouTube video that goes viral. Suddenly 5 million people are exposed to your brand and your messaging and have this awesome video that they associate with you.  As long as that’s a positive association, you are in a good spot.

Content marketing isn’t just writing copy. It’s a holistic approach to your brand messaging: YouTube videos, webinars, e-newsletters, social media, blogging, press releases, photography, logos.

Often content marketing can be challenging because it’s expensive to develop a lot of new and unique stuff. But a good content marketing manager knows how to save various components to be used in several ways, extending the lifespan of the YouTube video, say, and receive a greater ROI.

A TV ad ends. A YouTube video lives on.


Well you don’t have to. But the competitive nature of the Web would encourage you to at least consider it. It makes you look cool. It gives your brand a personality that people can relate to. You provide new memes, content, information, relevancy for your brand and for you customers.  You are basically providing them with cool stuff to share with their friends.

And, “content is king!”

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