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12 Aug

I’m starting a new job next week. I feel what I always feel starting new jobs: excitement, un-ease, enthusiasm, anticipation, doubt, nervousness: “Am I going to like the people?” “Will I fit in within the culture?” “Will I like my job?” “Should I[…]

9 Aug

We decided to attempt the El Capitan route while perusing guidebook (amazing book, you should buy one) over a healthy meal of cauliflower fried rice and veggies. The book described the climb as 4-pitches of 5. 10+ OW, with a 3-hour approach. Chris[…]

9 Aug

The Start of the 10-Day Staycation I took 10 days off of work last week for a climbing vacation. At first it was meant to be 2 days in Washington Pass climbing with some girlfriends in the Mazama area, followed[…]

5 Jun

  About 8 months ago, I decided to build a dreamcatcher because I needed something to catch an old dream. I’ve had an addictive dream of a past lover that eventually became a destructive love nightmare for 6 years. His[…]

17 Jan

At 11:45am Judith met Corinne in Conference Room 3005 for their daily 15 minute abs workout. Judith was 34 years old and still had a sexy figure and long brown hair that was just beginning to show streaks of white[…]

23 Dec

I’ve been in love for 2153 days. That’s prime. A prime number. I know because I looked it up. And I figured it would be. Because those sorts of things just sort of happen sometimes. Love being special and unequivocally unique[…]

23 Dec

I arrived in Colombia haggard. The past two-and-a-half days had been a series of exhausting traveler’s snafus: delayed flights, a string of unrealized standby flights, and a pile of airport junk food and several nights sleeping on airport floors. I’d say I[…]

23 Dec

So many peoiple have different things they want to be when they growup. For me, there is only one. Unheartbroken You see, I once had a heart of youth. Full blooded, full bodied. Fully believeable. And I, like you, fell[…]

9 Nov

She’s focused, and tucks a stray hair behind her ear. But as a customer walks in, the door bells jingle, she looks up and the strand immediately falls out. It bops around her eyes and lips. He’s dressed in a[…]

3 Nov

I have the loveliest friends in Boulder, Colorado. The survey information was gathered last fall, he said. And I think I just had the best Halloween I’ve ever had in my life. I moved to Seattle last June. Away[…]