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17 Aug

#fitgirl totals & 2020 goals: Climbing 2020 goal: 200 days, climbing 5.11- trad confidently 106 days (2019) YIKES! 127 days (2018) 281 days (2017) Yoga 2020 goal: 50 days 35 days (2019) 57 days (2018) ? (2017) Running 2020 goal[…]

4 Jan

Every year I post my new year’s resolutions. And try to look back on my last years one’s too. (Read some older versions 2017, 2018.) The following are my New Year’s Resolutions and [whether or not I achieved them] I[…]

13 Feb

Every year I post my new year’s resolutions. And try to look back on my last years one’s too. This year: Fix knee Consider tone when speaking & learn to soften Keep loving & building my Canadian friendships and community[…]

4 Feb

Squamish Bucketlist (Feb 02, 2018) Once upon a recent time, I created a bucket list of things I wanted to do while living in Seattle. That list was an amazing tool to discover and experience a great amount of the[…]

22 Jan

In less than a week, I turn 30. So for the past few days I’ve been reflecting on my 20s. This has been a fun process, as I’ve attempted to recount the various “achievements” or “milestones” I’ve hit in the[…]

1 Jan

Resolutions Every year, no matter how cheesy it is, I stop and reflect on the year past, and build my new year’s resolutions. I find that despite the cliche of writing lists and hoping for self improvement, it’s the best[…]

13 Jun

I wanted to¬†write a poem on parenthood. I sent it to a friend in an email many years ago, He thought I hadn’t written it, but I had. It wasn’t finished, though. Couldn’t get the ending right. Kept trying and[…]

3 Jan

Each year, I look forward to New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, it’s a bit cliche. Yes it’s a bit overhyped. But I take the seasonal excuse to reflect on a year’s progress and set a year’s intention with lap of the[…]

2 Dec

Our love doesn’t take the form of a heart. It’s more chair shaped. Sturdy. Even footed. Supportive. Helps someone stand to new heights. It’s where inspiration starts And a hard day’s work ends.   Our love is likely a wooden[…]

30 Aug

Holy guacamole. August was one of the most climbing-centric months I’ve ever lived. Between vacation, switching jobs, and a Colorado wedding, my life took me by the reigns and landing me in some of the most glorious climbing destinations ever[…]