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14 Jan

— Fitgirls Goals — Climbing 150 days Yoga 56 days Running 70 days Miles 300 miles Moving by Foot 50 days Biking 30 days Ski 25 days Meditation 300 days Other/Bonus 100 days Community 100 days Self Care 50 days[…]

5 Jan

— Fitgirl goals of 2021 — Climbing 190 days (no, 112 days) Yoga 50 days (yes, 54 days) Running 80 days, 500 miles (no, 69 days for 238 miles) MTBing 30 days (yes, 38 days) Skiing 25 days (no, 20[…]

17 Aug

#fitgirl totals & 2020 goals: Climbing 2020 goal: 200 days, climbing 5.11- trad confidently 106 days (2019) YIKES! 127 days (2018) 281 days (2017) Yoga 2020 goal: 50 days 35 days (2019) 57 days (2018) ? (2017) Running 2020 goal[…]

4 Jan

Every year I post my new year’s resolutions. And try to look back on my last years one’s too. (Read some older versions 2017, 2018.) The following are my New Year’s Resolutions and [whether or not I achieved them] I[…]

13 Feb

Every year I post my new year’s resolutions. And try to look back on my last years one’s too. This year: Fix knee Consider tone when speaking & learn to soften Keep loving & building my Canadian friendships and community[…]

4 Feb

Squamish Bucketlist (Feb 02, 2018) Once upon a recent time, I created a bucket list of things I wanted to do while living in Seattle. That list was an amazing tool to discover and experience a great amount of the[…]

22 Jan

In less than a week, I turn 30. So for the past few days I’ve been reflecting on my 20s. This has been a fun process, as I’ve attempted to recount the various “achievements” or “milestones” I’ve hit in the[…]

1 Jan

Resolutions Every year, no matter how cheesy it is, I stop and reflect on the year past, and build my new year’s resolutions. I find that despite the cliche of writing lists and hoping for self improvement, it’s the best[…]

13 Jun

I wanted to write a poem on parenthood. I sent it to a friend in an email many years ago, He thought I hadn’t written it, but I had. It wasn’t finished, though. Couldn’t get the ending right. Kept trying[…]

3 Jan

Each year, I look forward to New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, it’s a bit cliche. Yes it’s a bit overhyped. But I take the seasonal excuse to reflect on a year’s progress and set a year’s intention with lap of the[…]