Her name is Alex. An androgynous name, given to her 23 years before she came out as bisexual. Well not exactly bisexual, she prefers the term queerJust a new way of thinking about love, she says.

Her parents named her Alex because they think androgynous names help women get jobs in the working world, and better salaries. And maybe they do, but Alex is trying to navigate the world without a boss, so it’s hard to tell.  She’s sells handmade book binding threads online, she rents her bedroom to travelers, and she freelances graphic design that she does by way of laptop at local coffee shops. She’s a roaring liberal, defender of women’s rights, defender of humanity. And she’s constantly contemplating throwing everything she’s doing aside to make a documentary film. I ask her what her film will be about. She tells me it will be something that’s politically profound, something to ruffle conservative feathers.

She says she’ll create it under the pen name Christina, to make sure to empower women.

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