I’m taking a lesson from my own profession: content marketing. Content marketing is the idea that your buyers or customers make decisions based on a good relationship they’ve developed with a brand via the stuff that they’ve interacted with on the web: the blogs, infographics, etc. 

In this case, there is a big snow storm coming. I thought it might be best to create a piece of content about it.

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1. I have no meetings.

Unlike most Fridays, this Friday I happen to have no meetings scheduled. I think this might be a sign from Mother Nature.

2. It may save the company money!

The only thing I do have is the company lunch. But if I’m not there, it may save the organization $5-10 to not have to buy me food. It’s a small piece of the pie (no pun intended), but hey — it’s something.

3. This might be the biggest storm of the season.

631 people don’t share just any old storm. This storm is a whopper, expected to dump 2′ of snow by Friday afternoon at all the resorts along I-70. If skiers don’t make it up by Friday morning, it’s going to be tough getting up there at all. Roads may close. If the roads are open it’s going to be a standstill of cars not moving.

Not all snow storms are epic, but this one is. It’s the reason some of us Coloradans live in this fine state.

4. My $700 skis were made to ski powder.

This is true. I spent a heap of money on new powder skis. They’re gorgeous, high-end, FAT (for those of you reading this who are skiers). The planks that make carving skis hide in embarrassment on a day like Friday. Their passion is 2′ of snow.

5. Sunday is the new Friday.

I understand work needs to get done. I’d be happy to trade Sunday for Friday. By Sunday the ski runs will be tracked out (skier speak for the runs will start to suck because too many people will have skied them). I can cozy up at a coffee shop and pump out some stellar writing.



I have an old ipod 40gb plus 2 1gb shuffles, one for the gym and one for out and about, from the source travelling on the bus etc