— Fitgirls Goals —

Climbing 150 days
Yoga 56 days
Running 70 days
Miles 300 miles
Moving by Foot 50 days
Biking 30 days
Ski 25 days
Meditation 300 days
Other/Bonus 100 days
Community 100 days
Self Care 50 days
Family care 56 days
Career care 10 days
Intelligence Care 20 days

— New Year’s Resolutions —

“Par Excellence” – do things with excellence. Theme for the year. This means to slow down and do things right. It means being curious to read every word. It means going to the library to check out books that help me LEARN DEEPER about things. It also means when I clean the kitchen I strive to do a good job every time. It means when I put in a skin track I tamper down the snow on the switchback to make it easier for the next guy. It means putting on makeup because I appreciate / strive to show up in the world with excellence.
Green smoothie.
Appreciate the little things, and share them out loud.
Buy a house.
Get a puppy.
Travel more than 2021.
Build box for Sam. Fill it with lovely things. (10/20)
Do unexpected acts of kindness.
Learn more woodworking.
Read more books (more than 12 books per year).
Save $50K.
Meet new friends.
Figure out relationship with ApeCo.
Beautify body: teeth, hair, skin, body.
Run longer distances.
Buy a car.
Creatively write (on this blog) more often.