Every year I post my new year’s resolutions. And try to look back on my last years one’s too.

This year:

Fix knee

Consider tone when speaking & learn to soften

Keep loving & building my Canadian friendships and community

Travel & experience
-yoga retreats
-long bike rides
-international trips
-ocean & surf
-boudoir photography
-hot air balloon

Wear rings more often

Be a fashionista – buy & wear cuter clothes

Earn a raise & promotion

Take a course
-creative writing

Spend more time with people I care about
-tim, jodi, jodie, jack, mom, dad, davida, ben, buck, tripp, emilie, cassie, tanya, ebba, james, scott, zanny, jayme

Save $25K

Tell a story on social media

Remind people of their goodness

Walk more (10,000 steps)

Bond better with Corbin

Find a home (15 years)

Send #fitgirl concept to Ariana Huffington

Increase climbing knowledge

Find a new creative way to make money

And then I also have #fitgirl goals, which are:

2019 goal: 156 days (3x per week)
2019 goal: more educational classes

2019 goal: 60 days
2019 goal: One yoga retreat

2019 Goal: 50 days for 174.3 miles
2019 Goal: Average 10,000 steps per day

2019 Goal: One major bike trip

2019 Goal: Knee health

Other/Bonus (Including but not limited to walking, hiking, abs, weight lifting, physio, white water rafting, swimming, surfing)
2019 Goal: 146 days