Archive: December 2015

23 Dec

I’ve been in love for 2153 days. That’s prime. A prime number. I know because I looked it up. And I figured it would be. Because those sorts of things just sort of happen sometimes. Love being special and unequivocally[…]

23 Dec

I arrived in Colombia haggard. The past two-and-a-half days had been a series of exhausting traveler’s snafus: delayed flights, a string of unrealized standby flights, and a pile of airport junk food and several nights sleeping on airport floors. I’d say I[…]

23 Dec

So many people have different things they want to be when they grow up. For me, there is only one. Un-heartbroken. You see, I once had a heart of youth. Full blooded, full bodied. And I, like you, fell in[…]