Archive: December 2013

31 Dec

Someone asked me what my mother is like. Well, she’s a creature of the earth and paint. she has wispy blonde hair and a thin frame. she reads 1-3 books per day (literally) and her home is immaculately clean. she[…]

29 Dec

Her name is Alex. An androgynous name, given to her 23 years before she came out as bisexual. Well not exactly bisexual, she prefers the term queer.┬áJust a new way of thinking about love, she says. Her parents named her[…]

28 Dec

In Boulder, Colorado you are a part of the majority if you are “gluten-free” without having Celiac’s Disease. The gluten-free train is so big in this town that virtually every restaurant — chain or boutique — has fully gluten-free menus[…]

10 Dec

Modern Content Marketing: Coca-Cola’s “Content 2020 Initiative” from Forward Marketing on Vimeo. I found this great video that Coca-Cola produced regarding their transition away from “creative excellence” and into “content excellence.” The video does an incredible job explaining (i) what[…]